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Make Money with Other Programs Like AdSense!!!????


Make Money with Other Programs Like AdSense!!!

Google Adsense is no doubt the most famous way of making money online.

They rule the advertisment ads across the internet. (That is for publishers and advertisers)

But that doesn’t mean they are the best or that your website will make more money from them.

To be honest many of the smaller websites do better and make more money with programs other than Google Adsense.

It is possible to make money from other programs like Google Adsense.

Because other programs are not as developed as Google Adsense, and there are less advertisers using these programs to display ads doesn’t mean they are less valuable to you.

It might be easier to get into these programs than Google Adsense.

Google Adsense can be very hard when it comes to getting accepted.
Especially if you are just starting out and you don’t have a lot traffic coming to your site.

It might be you were banned from Google Adsense and would like to still make money from pay per click ads.
Many publishers say it is way too easy to get banned from Google Adsense for reasons out of your control.

Or you have a newer website and haven’t been accepted by Google Adsense yet, whatever the case it is possible to still make money.

For any reason that it may be, they are many attractive other sites like Google Adsense.

But also beware some of the smaller advertising services are owned by Google, like doubleclick, and probably have the same criteria.

So do your research when it comes to anything that has the possibility of making you money.

But Still there are some programs out there that are very similar to the Google Adsense program.

But again like said before, it would be wise to do some research on both to see which program would bring you the best results.

No matter whom you choose the concepts are the same.

But there are some good sites like Chitika. Many are reporting very good results with these ads. Good becuase you can use these ads with your Google adsense ads or instead, whatever you choose.
Make money with Chitika

Adbrite is another great altenative site if you want to promote ads on your page. It promotes different types of ads google adsense dont like adult and casino ads.
Make money with Adbrite

Infolinks are good to use also along with Google Adsense or as an alternative to make money on your website.
Many webmasters say Infolinks are the best In-Text advertisement to use. Make money with Infolinks

Kontera is another great way to make money with In-text advertisement.
You can use it along the side of Google Adsense or as an alternative.
Make money with Kontera

The Yahoo Publisher Network is a great alternative to Google Adsense, especially if you have been banned from Adsense.
It’s a very similar program with very similar rules.
Make money with Yahoo Publisher Network

BustMedia is a smaller but still good program to use when looking to make money from placing ads on your page. If you are a smaller website just starting out, than this might be a great option.
Make money with BurstMedia

Bidvertiser is also a smaller but good ad company to make money from. Unlike many other programs, if you have PayPal the minimum payout is only $10.
Make money with Bidvertiser

Your site needs to have high quality content and a high volume of visitors.
Remember the more clicks you get, the more money you make.

Just as I stated about Google Adsense, I would only use these other sites as a way to make money from my site, not the primary source of income.

I used Site Build It to create

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