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What is Pinterest!!???? It’s Well Worth The Hype!!!!

What is Pinterest!!???? It’s Well Worth The Hype!!!!

Pinterest has quickly become one of the top social based media networks.
It is if not the Best, It is
One of the best Photo sharing based social Medias!!!!
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Pinterest is set up as a Theme Photo Sharing Pinboard.
A network of created Theme Boards

Pinboards are themed so you can easily find, organize, and share your pins
You create a theme board and pin pictures you like that go along with that Theme.

There is no limit on the amount of boards you can create so…..


Pinterest allows you to share everything you like from websites, blogs, as well as pictures and videos.
Because of this you can promote your content in numerous ways.

Adding a Pin is very Simple, you can either Pin from Pinterest using the website URL or Blog Url, upload from your computer, or Pin from a Pin Button Added to a Website.

~Pinterest Website~

How to add a Pinterest Pin Button to A Website or Blog?

Very easy to START

Simply Start Pinning videos and Photos you like.

These pins can be liked, commented on or repined.
People can also follow you and your pins

Really the options for Pinterest have no limit

You can do everything from designing rooms in your home, staying” hip” with the new fashion or find a great article from a blog.

Being able to share your inspiration or become someone’s’ inspiration on Pinterest really is priceless.

Pinterest is more than a photo sharing network.
It’s a way to virtually share everything.
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.
Well in this social network that is so true.

While it was initially said to be…..

Only popular with women sharing photos about fashion, wedding planning, recipes and much more.

Now it’s a new story

Pinterest have grown well past that, it is now a photo sharing force to be recon’’ with.
People of all ages are pining and using Pinterest.

Because this new popularity and use of pinterest, many business have moved to making Pinterest their main social media focal point.
I have to be honest; Pinterest does bring me more traffic than any other social media source I am using.

Pinterest Will Continue to evolve and is a Great Social Networking Powerhouse.
It is actually One of the best sites I’ve seen to Brand Yourself.

Register a Pinterest Account in Less than 30 Secs!!!

Interesting Facts About Pinterest

It is the fastest growing social media in history to reach 10 million unique visitors.
As of March 2012, Pinterest is valued at $1.5 billion

Only a very Few Negatives

Pinterest did receive a little bit of a blow with affiliate linking.
I guess this was a behind the scenes way of making money, but what Social Media don’t have them.
The choice is still the individuals to buy or join whatever page it’s linking to.

The main concern with Pinterest is Copyright, but that is the same issue many of the Video sharing websites face every day, including YouTube.
It’s almost impossible to make sure users are using original or allowed material.

All In All this is a great Social network to Join
Even Their mission is awesome

All In All this is a great Social network to Join Even Their mission is awesome “To connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interesting.” ~Pinterest~

I used Site Build It to create

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