As stated about Websites, Blogs are also great ways to make money. The main reason is because there are many different ways to monetize from a blog. You can Make Money from your Blog just about any way you want.

Blogging is also good to share content or inform viewers about important topics.

If you are setting a Blog to make money, its important to Brand yourself. You want to become an authority in a your area of focus. This is critical. Also make sure you have a Hosted Blog.
More Information about Blog Hosting

In my opinion, this is where people lose a lot of money as well as credibility. Let’s be honest are you going to believe someone to be an expert in their subject, if they don’t even have their own blog. Most likely not.

I hands down believe Blue Host to be the best service to set a Blog up from.
I really like their customer service
as well as easy to set up instructions.
They are also CHEAP , which is a major plus.
Their live chat is very fast and helpful.

The best type of blog to use is Wordpress,
Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community because of its features. As you become more familiar with blogging I would recommend Word Press Thesis .
It is what most of your pro and top money making bloggers use. But I would only recommend getting Thesis when you are ready to start doing some serious Blogging and making some money.

How to start your Blog

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