Make Money Selling Ebooks

One of My Favorite Money Making Ideas
I have made big MONEY online selling EBooks

What you need to make money selling EBooks

Must give GREAT quality useful information and "how to" techniques

Of Course Traffic, Traffic, and Traffic to whatever source you are selling your EBooks.

Know what topics or information is in high demand

Keep up with new trends
Writing How to’s on the latest trends can make you tons of money.
Instant Rewards

Knowing How to Sell EBooks

You can sell Ebooks in bundles or you can sell as individual eBooks.

Building credibility is a must.

Once your buyer has purchased an eBook from you and is very satisfied, it is almost for certain; they will buy another book or refer you to someone else.

The key is to provide great and useful content.

Know Where to Sell EBooks

Social Networks
are a great place to make money selling eBooks

is another great place to make money selling your eBook

is one of the best places to make money selling your eBook.

EBay already has a ton of Traffic coming in everyday.

People are making thousands of dollars each month selling .99 eBooks on EBay.

I personally know over 10 people that make over 5 thousand a month selling eBooks.

Once you have a established following and a decent amount of subscribers, you can send newsletters promoting new eBooks and update material.

You can use sites like Aweber to do this auto-pilot for you. You will not have to send the manual email updates to new subscribers.

I have a buddy (or internet affiliate) that sent a newsletter update to his subscribers about a new ebook he wrote. (It was about a popular trend) I won’t give away his niche but in a 48 hour period he made a little over $11,000.

Not saying you will make this but the possibility is there.

Know how much to sell EBooks
This is where you need to do a little research and find out how much similar eBooks are selling for.

If your eBook is original and filled with new ideas and new information, you can choose whatever price you want.

Especially if its information that can’t be found anywhere but in your eBook.

But if it’s a similar topic to other eBooks, than you want to do some research so you can sell it cheaper than your competitor.

Also add extras and incentives for the viewers to buy your eBooks.

If it’s a re-sale eBook, then simply sell it for cheaper than what you bought it for.

EBooks are a great addition to your website.
If the eBook doesn’t sale turn the eBook into a website page and offer it as an extra to your readers.

Example of how multiple streams of income are made by selling ebooks

Lets say you sell an ebook for $10 dollars and you sold 120 within the month. (A very obtainable goal, some people sell thousands per month)

That would be $1200 made off the Ebook but if you had 3 other key ways you made money from each individual buyer of the ebook that would add to your total. Let me show you


220 Ebooks sold = $5940 ($27 per ebook)
Concept 1 - Affiliate = $1500 ($75 x20)
- Affiliate= $ 300 ($20 x 15)
- Affiliate= $ 500 (All other)

Concept 2- Products Sold- $840 ($60 x 14)

Concept 3- Re-seller services = $140 ($7 x 20) You will receive that $140 plus every month plus the future months totals as well, as long as the people continue to pay for their services.
This number can keep growing and getting bigger and before you know it you are making thousands of residule monthly income. (Its possible TRUST ME, I know for a FACT)

You took $5940, and turned it into $9080 with $140 of it ( plus whatever you add each month) being residule from 3 simple researched concepts.

This is a great way of taking one Money Making idea and turning it in to an automated cash machineNot counting the traffic its bringing back to your website,
The leads its bring for future ebook sells, as well as
Future affiliates sells from website.

So its more Than just making an initial sale of your Ebook, that should just be the icing on the cake.

I will give you another secret.
You want your customer to buy the ebook for an amount they wouldn’t want to waste.

If they buy the ebook for .99 it’s a good chance they will not read or take serious whats in the ebook.
The higher the price the greater chance your ebook will be read. After the book is sold, its up to your content to do the rest.

The potential of total money making from Ebooks is a very untapped source.
Up to date real stats of my ebook income can be found in my ebook.

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