Make Money as a Web Host Reseller

Websites without a Host don’t get noticed

Web Host

Nothing really tricky to sell,

They either need a website host or they don’t.

Every website needs a Host to stay online.

Being a Re-Seller is exactly as it sounds.

You are simply reselling a product sold to you for a cheaper price, making whatever profit you gain from the sell.

You set the price for whatever Item you are selling
For example, If you sell a monthly web hosting for $10.95 and you get it for $3.95, you will make $7 dollars per customer every month they pay.

Let’s say you sold 20 websites your first month 20x7 = $140 (looks small but keep reading)
40 your second month 40x7 = $ 280 + 140 from last month reoccurring customers = $420
You had a great Third month 100 websites
(You will see, it’s not as hard as you may think to get the snow ball rolling)
100x7= 700+ 140 (1st month) + 280(2nd month) = $1120

So On and So Forth…. Before you know it you could have a large monthly residual commission.
It will all depend on how hard you work and how many month websites you provide service.

The greatest thing about the Re-Seller Program is the paid residual commissions.

These commissions come in every month.
So the more people you add, the larger and larger the monthly checks. As long as people continue to pay their monthly bills, you will continue to get paid as well.

Imagine how large your checks will be every month just from reselling after you’ve done this consistently for a year. Now add in all the other ways you plan to make money.

Re-Selling Domain names and Web Hostings is one the best ways to earn a residual monthly income that keeps growing and growing.

I wish I would have discovered this early as some other webmasters, but I’m definitely not too late. Everything is moving to being cyber as well as more and more people are creating websites and online businesses.

Many Webmasters are making 20 and $30,000 a month as a Re-seller.
It is a very under talked money maker.

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I’m looking forward to your comments, thoughts, or success story.

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