We all Want more Website and Blog Traffic. Its Simple, the More Website and Blog Traffic, The more we can share content, The more we make Money, The better the SEO, etc

This is by far one of my favorite sources of Traffic.
I make more than 70% of all my affiliate income from Newsletters .

Here is a section that goes into more detail on how to use Newsletters to funnel your traffic into income.
Newsletter Traffic

Presentation Sharing Sites are sources of traffic to your website or blog.

Its always good to diversify the type of incoming links to your website or blog.

Here is a list of my Top Ten Presentation Sharing Sites.

We all know the power of YouTube. Many videos make it to the first page of Google.

Dont limit your self to only YouTube. There are many different video sharing sites out there.

Smaller Video Sharing Sites have less
competition, which makes it easier for your video to be viewed. Here is a list of the
100 + Top Video Sharing
Sites List (Over 20 Countries)

Video Auto Poster is a great way to get your content on as many different Video Sharing Sites as possible.
This will save you alot of time and help the chances of your information going viral. You Can post one video one time to multiple Video Sharing Sites, blogs, etc. This way you dont have to worry about going to each site to post your video.
Video Auto Poster information continue.

Autoresponders are by far one of the best ways to build repeat traffic and land backend affiliate
deal. Whenever you create new content or have a great new affiliate, you can use autoresponders
to send all visitors who subscribed an email about your new offers.

Doing you Research one of the most important steps when building a Website or Blog.

Its no Need to build this great website or blog, with the most epic content, if there is no audience to view it. Research Information

HootSuite Social Media Management for Business. Manage and measure your social media. Social Medias are the most popular sites on the web.

This is a must in my opinion when trying to get your website or blog in front of many people.

It is said you can reach anyone in the
world within 6 degrees.

Now because of Social Medias and the influence they have on the world today that number has dropped to 4.74, which is amazing.
On my homepage, I have countless pages on how to get more Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Pinterest Followers, Instagram Followers, etc.

In my opinion, this is a must have! Not Just saying
this, I personally use this Tool. Its by far one of my favorites

Social Media Auto Posters will not only save you time but help bring in huge amounts of traffic.
HootSuite Social Media Management for Business.
They are also good for automating your affiliate postings.

Let your social media auto posters work the social media sites 24/7 for you. Spend your time working on other ways to bring traffic to your website or blog

Here is some More Information on Social Media Auto Posters.

Social Bookmarks are a great way to bring traffic to your Website or Blog. They create backlinks to your site. Trust me.. Search engines notice these links. You can also use free and paid programs to help you get more social bookmark backlinks. I use a combination of both.

Document sharing sites are another great way to
introduce your content to a large number of people.

Its good to have many different sources
of traffic.

This is also good for building a diverse group of backlinks.
List of Document Sharing Sites

Dont sleep on Tutorial Sites.

Think of how many people search the web everyday looking for how to information.

Here is a List of Tutorial Sharing Sites

I think guest blogging is an underrated traffic

If people love the content you post, the will then come to your website or blog to get more information.

Do a search on all the Blogs in your niche.
reach out the the blog owners and present them with an opportunity to have you guest blog on their blog.

Posting on classified ads to get more traffic is definitely thinking outside the box.

Be Creative

These sites do constantly
change the rules, so you do want to do your research and be creative with your approach.

Filter your responses to your email and from your email filter your traffic to your website or blog.

Try to use as many traffic sources as possible.
Remember you want to be in as many places as possible.
Think outside the Box.

Once you get people talking about your website or blog, you will begin to see large amounts of traffic pour in. People are more likely to visit websites or blogs they hear other people promote.

This is one reason why Social Medias are so popular.

The more people hear about your website, the more they will want to visit.
Tell A Friend.. To.. Tell A Friend

Many Social Media Sites have groups.
With groups you can make one post and the whole group can view it. Yahoo and Google alos have some great groups you can join.

All sources of traffic are good to use.
Dont limit yourself to only the popular traffic sources.

It is wise to Add Share Buttons to your website and blogs. This way you can give your visitors a way to share your content with their social medias directly from your website or blog. You can also use social posters to post to multiple social medias with one submit.

Sites and Blogs that are heavenly shared on social medias and social posters have a better chance to rank higher in search engines.

This is a very simple effective technique. Just
state what you want your viewers to do.

For Example, If you want
someone to Like your page. Ask Them to Like. I get 40% more Retweets using Call to Actions.

Make some generic ebooks that you can use to funnel traffic back to your website and blogs.

Research what colors are inviting. What colors are stand offish. Know what words create trust. Stay away from the words that come off as being pushy.

You want to know exactly how the mind works.

For example...I know people read from Top to Bottom and from left to right. So I put a lot of my ads toward the Top Left.

Email marketing is a game of numbers. Simply get as many people as possible to open your email. Please be careful not to Over Spam.
Once you get your viewers to open the email, you then get them to subscribe to your website or blog autoresponder .

More information about Email Marketing

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