Story Behind How I Built Online Profits
(How I make a LIVING)

I would like to start off by saying

Ken Black


IM NOT A PROGRAMMER- I’m still learning Html

I AM A HORRIBLE SPELLER- Bad Grammar but yet I still managed to build a profitable website.

This Story is broken up into easy to follow sections.

Income totals will not reflect all income earned or an exact amount. All numbers will be rounded and approximated.
For more detailed information, like monthly income breakdowns and more please subscribe to my site and social networks.

Many tips are shared and updated on my Youtube Channel and Facebook Page that do not make to the website.
Mainly because some tips are just quick post and I may not have the time to create and dedicate a page for the information. Also current events and status updates are provided via Facebook.

With that being said,
Let’s Get to MY Journey to Profits Story.

Throughout my story I will try to “KEEP IT REAL” as possible.

I am not ashamed of my failures. It is because of those failures I am, who I am today.
Experience truly is the best teacher.
I’ve bumped my head plenty of times so now you can read and learn from my mistakes.

My entrepreneur journey began with network marketing. As previously stated in my About Kenny section, I was burned, toasted, taken for, and ripped off on almost every type of internet and network marketing scam you can think of. There were a few good MLMs I must say, but my first 3-5 were absolutely horrible.

Drawn to the idea of Fast, Residual money, I made some unwise decisions. Though money can come fast and be residual, there still should be a level of planning. I learned one of these key concepts while mastering my Reseller Program . (Hands down one of the best, under rated ways to make residual income online today) More Information about how I use this reseller program, including my income breakdown will be covered later on in this journey to profit story.

After Being Roasted and Toasted, I had a Break Through
I stumbled on to a good MLM and started making some decent profits. It wasn’t anything major but I was making $1500-$1700 per month in the first few months, which was great for me.
By this time I had just graduated from college and looking to leave my mark on the world. I could not stand working for anyone so I was desperate to make things happen.
I began working hard with this MLM, asking everyone I knew, didn’t know, and came across to buy something, become a part of this MLM, or refer me to someone. – Nobody got a pass

I think I made director the 1st week and Director 2 by the end of the month. By month 2 I was director 3 and close to being a director 4 so I was growing quickly in the company. Then something unexpected happen, the economy tanked. In a matter of months I went from on my way to the top to right back where I started.

What a Bummer!!!!!!

Mistake: I had no backup plan, which is one of the main differences of my income now.

I have multiple streams of income so if one stream is cut off, it will not destroy me. I still have other avenues to make money. I will use My websites as an example. If my websites are cut off today, I still have monthly residuals that will keep coming no matter what from programs like my Reseller Program .

The reseller program is one of the concepts you will read about in my EBook.

Back then all of my eggs were in one basket -
A BIG... NO NO!!!

I only had one stream of income coming in from one main source (not including part time jobs.)
So when that source was drained, so were my pockets. All of that work to end up right back to square 1. AAAAAAAAgain

I then made some more bad decisions, joined some more internet programs, MLMs, yes more MLMs, and all kinds of internet marketing schemes. I needed quick money so I thought about previous success and listened to unwise council. I was so desperate to find an opportunity like the one with the previous MLM that I was throwing away countless amounts of money. I literally threw away thousands of dollars on bogus internet programs.

For all of you who are promoting MLMs 80% to 90% of people who try and fail will try another MLM in some point in their life. 9 times out of 10 if it looks too good to be true and sounds even easier than it looks, it’s most defiantly too good to be true.

More Time passed ….Finally I was on to something
I was almost on to something big but something was missing, something wasn’t right.
I came up with a plan to promote affiliates products.

I Started promoting affiliate products. I made an affiliate website so I thought I did…It was horrible.

It was a Non Hosted Blog.
I was bringing a lot of traffic but not making any sells because I lead with selling and not content.
I didn’t tell people how to use those affiliates nor did I believe in the affiliate products I was promoting.
Your honest belief in an affiliate item you’re promoting will always reflect in your results.
My affiliate website was just page after page, after page of affiliates with no content.
It was just One huge affiliate product store ...I mean horrible.

Although I did make some money, it was poorly set up.
I had over 1000 subscribers without even having subscription boxes.
Most subscribers subscribe to my site only from one little subscribe button.
It still makes me upset to think about all the connections, subscribers, income potential, and opportunities missed because of my bad set up.
Your Email List is one of the best ways to make continues income and stay engaged with your visitors.
It’s nothing like helping others make money, which will always bring back valued visitors and members to your website.

Out of all the affiliate products I promoted at that time, the Twitter Affiliates products were the only consistent money makers. Mainly because the twitter affiliates programs did what people needed them to do, which was bring twitter followers. In order for you to be a successful Affiliate marketer, you affiliates have to do what you say they will.
Another reason why they did well was because it was one of few affiliates I honestly believed worked and personally use.

Now days when I recommend a resource like the resources on Kenny’s Resource page , I truly believe they can help you grow your business. I only recommend affiliates I will use, have used, or have researched for the betterment of my visitors.

History Repeats Itself
I made the same mistake I previously made of keeping all of my eggs in one basket and not planning ahead.

When I stopped promoting as hard, the money began to stop as well. Not as bad as before, but income was coming to a standstill. It was time to start looking for the “NEXT HUSTLE” . I was now a new PROUD father and couldn’t afford to go all the way back to square 1 so I would find something before time ran out this time….Well that was the plan (Thank God for part time jobs. )
Also at this time I was bartending and serving tables part time 3 days a week.
I would serve tables during the day, bartending at night, and run my entrepreneur endeavors on my off days.
I was determined not to get stuck in a under paid corporate America Job. Well again…That was the plan

I made money here and there from different ideas and thinking outside the box, but mostly from selling “things” (clothes, shoes, books, hats, cologne, any and everything legal I could turn profit) to people.
It was like a bright light being turned on in my head.

And what a great Idea it was.

Now married with 2 kids and many more extra expenses, money went from extra spending money to much needed money in order to cover all the bills.
Not to mention my mention my wife was in school full time
Man you talk about PressssssssssssSURE….
Many times pressure is what we need to kick us in the Butt to get us going.

Things started going great. EBooks were selling great and products were flying off the shelves.
I was only selling EBooks for $2 to $3, so the profit margin wasn’t really high on them.
The good thing about it was I didn’t have to pay for any products or worry about shipping.
I could send the eBooks directly through the email.
I was probably selling around 50 to 100 eBooks a week. So that averaged to about $250 to $300 a week minus the eBay fees , which would leave me to about $200 a week from eBooks alone. This was perfect for me at the time, that was an extra $800 to $1000 a month.
You can only imagine the joy I was full of, by making an extra $1000 dollars to pay bill per month.

I now saw some light at the end of the tunnel

I wanted to”Crank” things up a bit with eBay so I decided to start selling more physical Items.
I started going to Thrift Stores and Garage Sales getting other items to sell so I had a variety of things online to offer.

This was in return another great idea.

I began selling more and more items.
Before I knew it, I was collecting items around the house.
So I decided to take my eBay experience to a whole new height.
I started to pay attention to trends and decided to do some research on certain areas and categories of eBay.
To my surprise, and many of you out there who don’t know as well, but there are eBay research tools.

These are the tools the big time eBay power sellers are using. This is how they are able to have the best listing, best auctions, most traffic, higher sales, lowest prices, sell the most, list the most, list faster, know what sells the best, know when to sell, know trends, know top selling items in every category, know who sells what and how many they are selling, etc. I mean the list goes on and on.………
Your Welcome, I made a list of these Resources for you. Kenny’s EBay Resources.

These tools were the absolute BEST thing that could have happen to my eBay business.
I could now research hot items, who was selling them, and for how much.
All I had to do was come up with creative ways to out sell the competitors.

These EBay Resources literally tripled my eBay income.
But like all other things in the past, this great decision was followed but yet my worst decision I ever made regarding my eBay career.

I decided that Dropshipping could take my eBay Business to even greater heights, and I was right and wrong all in the same decision.
I decided to start using dropshippers .

But I did not thoroughly research and check my dropshipper.
I was so excited to find 40-50 items that were selling really well on eBay, that I could sell and make high profits.
I noticed my dropshipper could get the items at such a low price I would be making over 200% profit on each item.

You know what they say when thing appear too good to be true, they usually are.

As if I ever listened
I decided to do a test run with just 2 of the items.
In a matter of a couple of days I cleared thousands of dollars profit!!!!! I could not believe it.
In my head I began multiplying this by the 40 more items I was going to add to the arsenal.

2 days later I received a message from eBay, well messages from eBay stating I could no longer sell those products. I had to also refund all money excepted from those items sold.

You talk about a major blow to the chest…I was devastated.
From Best Idea to Worst Idea in a matter of days
I now had an eBay account that was flagged, PayPal account flagged, and tons of bad feedback scores that killed my eBay business.
This is why it’s very important to choose the right dropshipper .
Make sure you research them before you decide to sell any products offered by them. Even the list of dropshippers I supplied you, you need to research. I simply just supplied you the list of dropshippers, and it’s your job to research them.

My mistake was not researching the Dropshipper but my biggest mistake was again, the same mistake I previously made of keeping all of my eggs in one basket.

You think I would have learned by now!!!!
This would be the last time I made this type of mistake

The other mistake that was made, was
I didn’t create a website or Start a Blog to filter traffic back too and I didn’t own the content I was selling…
This is the main reason I placed Start a Website the very first Make money idea on my website.
It is one of the more important ideas that can yield you thousands of more dollars a month.
Having a website back then could have earned and saved me 10’s of thousands of dollars$$.

If I would have known this then, I would have filtered all of my eBay traffic to a website or Blog.
If your customers buy from your website, you don’t owe anyone fees. You make more money per sale because there is no eBay fee or PayPal fee.
Not only could I have made money on eBay but I could have also made money from the people who said no to my products, but yes to other things. I could have made more connections or website subscribers.
Many times connections and subscribers made can be worth a lot more than making a single sale as shown with the Email List example.

This was too Devastating
I gave up on making money online. I decided that I finally was going to get a “REAL” job.
Even though it had become a passion of mine, I decided to leave making money online to the “PRO’s” and I would go find a good job somewhere.

A year went by and I found a few other ways to make money on the side, mostly which was finding products online for people, selling things to people, selling things to people who were having garage sales, selling things to people who worked out of flea markets , etc.

At this time the questions began to come on the daily.
Then it got pretty bad, I was answering 15-50 questions a day helping people with eBay and wasn’t receiving a dime or helping myself.
So I can up with a list of things that would help my friends, family, or whoever would ask and need help, which is now currently Kenny’s EBay Resources.
I also supplied them with information on how to use the eBay research tools, which would save them tons of time and money. (This information can be found through the countless informational eBay pages on this website.)
Lastly I put together pages of information that could set them apart from everyone else and help take their eBay business to the next level.
Concepts like what type of picture you should have, what type of listing, how to make your listing stand out and get clicked on before anyone else’s, A list of Top sellers, How to find top sellers, Why it’s very important to own an eBay store , etc.
The most important message I relayed to all of my Friends, Family, or whoever needed help was to make sure they researched every source before decided to use them.

Word began to travel about this ““eBay list”.
I got more and more request each and day, so many
that I decided I would take some of my own advice and jump back into the eBay fire.
This time I would be ready.
I would plan ahead and have a backup plan as well as a website.
So that’s what I set out for and accomplished.
Current EBay Income break down can be found in eBay eBook.

Now there was only One Big Problem to tackle

I knew tons about eBay but I knew nothing about this “website stuff”or how to go about setting one up.
In my search to learn how to build a website I came across many great websites.
On most of the websites I liked, I noticed the webmasters mentioning Solo Build It.
I was intrigued so I decided to look further into this SBI. After further research I decided I would give this a try.
I figured if it didn’t work, I could get my money back because they are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

So I purchased Solo Build It and have been in LOVE with it ever since.
That is why I promote it so much. I promote SBI every chance I get.
This company takes you by the hand and walks you step by step on how to create, and set up a website.
There are other options you can use if you are already an experienced webmaster and know programming and html. But that wasn’t me, I didn’t know any programming or html. I could barely spell correctly, let alone build a website.

Not only did Solo Build It walk me through creating this website, but also provided me with so many other tools to take my website to the next level.
Solo Build It provided me with Tools such as Keyword research, Traffic Stats, Keyword ranking information, step by step videos, step by step tutorials, forums to ask questions, the list just goes on and on. I’ve yet to have a question that has not been answered or attempted.

One of the main and key concepts I learned with the help of Solo Build It. , was to diversify my income streams.

In the past you notice how I had all of my eggs in one basket and when something unfortunate happen I was left out to dry.

Well if you have more than one stream of income coming in, when one stream is cut off, you are still collecting from others giving you room and time to adjust to whatever problem you are experiencing.

I will let you in on a few of my income sources

One of my income streams is my eBook, which happens to be one of my largest monthly income sources.

My eBook is sold for $27 Dollars each, but I make the real money from what’s in my eBook.
The key is to give valuable information that will actually make people money.
In my eBooks I give extra tips, techniques I used, Information I spent time and money researching, and many other ways that could make you money.
There are certain affiliates that sell very well with certain types of eBooks as well as certain products that are must haves with particular topics.
Knowing these types of informational pieces could take you from one $27 dollar sell, to making over $1000 from this one visitor, it just depends on what your product and eBook is about.
For more information on how to obtain these tips feel free to purchase my eBook.

Also an example of how this works can be found on my How to make money selling eBooks page .

It only takes one thing to get the ball to get rolling and before you know it, you have the snow ball effect.
That’s why it’s important to not give up, just keep working hard until you get the ball rolling.
It might take you 3 years to get the ball rolling and only 3 days for that ball to become bigger than you ever imagined. Business is funny like that.

I knew After I found Solo Build It my ball had began rolling.

Now the Snow ball effect


Starting with the EBook sales
Money began to pour in not only from my eBook sells, but also from Secret Concepts I used to double and triple my eBook income.
Monthly income break downs are included with my eBook


I spoke briefly about t affiliates, but they are a great income source that sky rocketed my monthly earnings.
A very simple concept, you get paid to help make other people money.
The key to affiliate marketing is to only give HONEST recommendations.

Affiliate marketing is not limited to eBooks or websites.
You can set affiliate agreements with any individual, company, or program you provide customers to.

For more information about how to make money using affiliates, please visit the Make Money with Affiliates Page .

I currently get paid from affiliate programs through my eBook, website, and offline(apartment referrals, business referrals, dj’s, etc) LoL I even have a set up with a restaurant to where I get free food because I send them so many customers.

The key is to see how you can help someone first, and worry about setting up the payment plan later.

Here are some Great FREE affiliate programs to join - Linkshare, ShareaSale, and Commision Junction.


Google Adsense
Another great way I make money with ad placement.
Once you learn the type of visitors your website attracts, you can cater your ads around that demographic.


This is one of my favorite and most under rated ways of making money online.
It’s easy to make a very very lucrative passive income, which comes in every month from being a Reseller.
Examples are Shown on the Reseller Page .
Imagine the people who have been doing this for 5 plus years. It must be nice to receive $30,000 to 40 grand a month before you sell any product, receive any money from an ad, etc.
I plan to find that out soon, with everyone migrating to the internet. Now is the best time to cash in on new webmasters wanting to start websites.


We defiantly can’t forget eBay. This is where it all started. Many times it’s your failures that bring you the most success. I have learned a lot from my eBay quest. Hopeful the large multitude of information I provided you regarding ideas and how to navigate through eBay will save you some headaches I experienced.

Not only have my income started a snowball effect but also my Social networks.


Social Networks
Not only have my income started a snowball effect but also my Social networks.

Ken Join me on Facebook
- Over 3500 Active networking Friends and thousands of Likes

Ken Blue Follow me On Twitter
- Over 24,000 Twitter Follower

Ken Blue Connect with me on LinkedIn
- Over 27,000 Linkedin Connections

- Over 285 Google Plus Ones

Hopefully my GOAL was achieved, I wanted to be as Transparent as possible.

Throughout the story of my journey I tried to include as many tools as possible I used to build online profits. My intention are not to keep any secrets all to myself so I also included many of these tools on Kenny’s Resources as well as the EBay Resource page.

Once again


IM NOT A PROGRAMMER- I’m still learning Html

I AM A HORRIBLE SPELLER- Bad Grammar but yet I still managed to build a profitable website.

The KEY to Success is being HONEST and giving USEFUL content.
I say useful because content can be great and Informative but if you can’t apply it, It’s Useless.


It’s always been in my nature to HELP others. This is how and why this website was actually created.
It’s a Universal Law I think. When you give and HELP others it comes back to you 10 times more.

Look at the ways helping others can come back to you 10 times more, affiliates, recommendations, and simply word of mouth advertisement.

I used Solo Build It to create

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