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Make Money with Thrift Stores!!!????


Make Money with Thrift Stores!!!

People who sell products on Craigslist,
And other classified Ad sites,
are making big MONEY from Thrift stores.

Most of the products sold at thrift stores are very cheap, way less than what we pay for new or at retail stores.

In some cases this products sold at the thrift store are lower than we could get at are dropship or wholesale prices.

Ways to make money

I know only a few people who are doing this now, so the market is still wide open.
I am positive this Idea is going to make someone a lot of money.

Here It Goes

Make a list of all Top Selling Products
You need to have a list that’s composed of many different products.
The list needs to have a mixture of very expensive, expensive, fairly priced, etc products.

Make a list of every thrift store close to you or in whatever radius you are comfortable traveling.

On your list include dates and time new shipments arrive.
You want to be the first one there, it’s important you don’t miss out on the best products.

Now the Meat and Potatoes
Many expensive products are found at thrift stores.
These products are purchased cheap and sold for huge mark up prices.

The key is to buy the products for as cheap as you can.

This is where your list and research information plays a huge part.
You need to be able to buy the highest profit items.

You list will give you guidance so you’re not buying products that has a low profit margin or no profit margin at all.

You would be surprised at how much people are making by repeating this process.

All of the top name brands are sold at thrift stores
The 4 people I know selling products found from thrift stores are making on average at least $8,000 a month.
They sale these products on EBay, other auction sites, auctions, craigslist, Mom and Pop stores, and Boutiques.

Hers a great, if not one of the best examples of why doing your RESEARCH will bring you huge rewards.

A Buddy of Mine (old network marketing friend)
Received a tip of a HUGE collection of purses coming to a certain thrift store.

A lady who passed, stated in her will all the different places she wanted to donate her possessions.
The list consisted of all her favorite stores.
I believe he said it was spread out over 10-15 different thrift stores and a few Mom and Pop thrift store style shops.

So like a true entrepreneur
He knew he didn’t know anything about purses or handbags.
So the whole week he studied everything he could about women purses and handbags.

From the tip he received, he could make a $1500 to $2000 profit.
So it was a must that he knew what purses sell fast, what purses hold value, and what purses were worth the most.

So when he arrived early and first of course, he was absolutely amazed at the Lot of 250 plus purses and hand bags.
All except for 1, he stated was in perfect condition.

He said every single purse consisted of 3 brands, Prada, Louis Vutton, and 78 of them a brand he previously knew nothing about.
He would have left these other 78 stylish handbags had he not done his RESEARCH.

The purses-handbags were Bottega Veneta.
All 78 of the handbags were worth more than $3,000 each.
Again over $3,000 each

I don’t how much he made but I know he made well over $200,000 with the purchases he made that one day.
I would guess somewhere above $250,000.

78 of the handbags were worth over $3,000 each.
The lowest purse was worth over $3,000.
I don’t know how much the highest purse was worth.

Not to mention the other 172 plus purses and handbags that was Prada and Louis Vutton.

It’s evident the lady collected expensive purses and handbags, so I would guess the majority of them were worth over $1,000.

It Pays to do your RESEARCH.
You never know when your Platinum Opportunity is around the corner.

The Lady who shopped at this thrift store was RICHY RICH, she just enjoyed discovering and collecting vintage antique items from thrift stores as a hobby.
It was never about the money to her.

In the end she wanted to give back the exciting feelings she received from buying items to many so she donated the majority of all her possessions to her favorite thrift stores.

From MY research I’ve found that each thrift store-preneur I personally know, are having 4 to 5 of these platinum shopping days(not as big) a year, creating the bulk of the items they sell per month.

This is still a very wide open field I believe.
So go out there and give me another success story to write about.

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