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Make Money From an eBay Store


eBay is the most visited ecommerce site on the World Wide Web. It is said eBay has more than 2 million visitors daily and receives over 1.8 billion page views per week.

It Is Wise For All Serious eBay Users to Have an eBay Store
shoping Cart It looks very professional and it adds to your credibility. Having an eBay store gives the impression that your eBay business is established.

The set up time is very short.
You can have a great looking eBay store in less than an hour. For some, less than that, in minutes. It all depends on how fast you set it up.

There is no html or computer programming knowledge necessary. Just select your style and customize your categories and you are ready to get the ball rolling.

No Worries, EBay Will Help You

EBay offers you different tools to promote your page.
You are also given your own search engine.
Which is great, it allows buyers to search through all of your products.

Your store engine will also show up in Google and yahoo search engines.

You are also given your own web address.
You can direct buyers to your eBay store on EBay or from some other website.

This makes it easier for you to drive traffic to your eBay store page.

Maximize Your Time

Having an eBay store can save you time on relisting.
You can set your duration times for longer lengths of time, like 30, 60, 90 days or longer.
You can create your eBay auctions directly from your eBay store.

Save money and increase profits

EBay store listings are a lot cheaper than regular listings. You can list many items for very low price.
For example you can list 50 items for a 30 day period for only $1.00.

That is very good, especially for the holiday season when everything is selling.

It also great when you have an item in many different colors.

You could list one and send your buyers to your eBay store for other colors. (Which they will probably buy something else! Or come back for more products. Yesssssssssss)

Having an eBay store is only $15.00 a month, so you save big time on listing fees.

Many store owners are seeing a 25% increase in their sales by adding an eBay store.

So if you are serious about making money on eBay, an eBay store might be a great option for you.

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