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Make Money with Garage Sales

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Is to provide Multiple ways to make money online as well as offline. Also to teach others how to brand themselves, add more friends, fans, and followers to their social networks.

The Seller

Along with making some money, you get a chance to clean out your garages, closets and storages.

Don’t throw away damaged items.
Damaged items still can be sold at Garage Sales.
Antiques and collectables are some of the items that sell no matter what condition they are in.

Make sure you have change as well as coin change for customers
Also make sure you have price tags on everything, just simple hand written prices. It can be stickers if you like.

Ways to Make Money
Know what items are what we consider Hot Products.
Example, like children clothes are hot items.

Sell during event times of the year
Examples are Holidays, Back to School, Etc

Use your more colorful and popular items to bring attention to an item that would not get noticed by placing them side by side.

When selling used clothes and used items, remember that they are used and not new.
The people are buying the products, not your personal attachments to the items.

Offer combo deals, or sell in lots.

If you are good at Arts and Crafts, sell those items.
Homemade arts and crafts are big sellers at garage sells.

Fresh Fruits and vegetables are usually good sellers as well.

Kitchen wares sell well in sets.
While books and magazines sell well individually.
Keep of these types of details.

Add some items you can get wholesale for cheap and sell for cheap.

Make Money with wholesale products

These will be very easy items to sell.

These Items will fly of the racks.
People are expecting to see garbage and items that are used.
These fine jewels will blow them away.

You can use the same items you sell on Craigslist, EBay, and other Auction sites.
It’s Always good to have multiple ways to sell products.

Post Ads in Free Newspapers

Have Professional Looking Signs
No Need for Anything to Fancy or Busy Looking
Ads can be regular printed.

Professional appearance
Will bring you more customers

Post on social networks

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the best days
You want people to be off work.

If you have unique items that are sure sellers, than it will be a good idea to list them on whatever type of ads you are using to attract people to your garage sell.

This will be a sure way attract many more customers.
Put on signs and other advertisements
You can list any way you choose to.

As the Buyer
Buy Items to sell on eBay and other auction sites

Make Money on EBay

Make Money on Other Auction Sites

People don’t know the worth of the items they have.

People practically give away products at Garage Sales.

The first and last days are the best days to go to garage sales.
The first day, you get all the interesting and best products first.
The last day is good because at this point the seller is trying to get rid of everything.
Sometimes you can get everything that’s left in a Lot Deal.
Buy everything that’s cheap and have the possibility of being resold.

Research, Research, Research

Have a list of all products that sell for big profits.
For more information why to use list refer back to How to make money at Thrift Stores page.

Make Money at Thrift Stores

The list helps you stay on track and only get items with high profit margins and items that are easy to sell.
Whether you are the buyer or the Seller,

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