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Make Money at Flea Markets

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Tips For Making Money At Flea Markets

Getting the right wholesale products can take you flea market business level.
Your Booth will stand out and be noticed.

Make Money with wholesale products

When selling at flea markets, it’s important to have popular items.

You can still sell things from home or used items
But you need those popular items to attract visitors.

The more visitors you have the more items you will sell.

When people go to Flee Markets, they are not expecting to see new popular items for cheap.

Many people will feel as if they discovered GOLD
Watch how fast your cheap wholesale items fly off the shelves.
How to Find Popular Items to Sell At Flea Markets

Keep up with the Trends
Having these new trendy items is what sets you booth apart from these other booths only selling older items.

Know what your competitors are Selling

Do a full walk through the flea market and make note of who is selling what, and for how much.
And Simply Sell similar items cheaper than they are.

Use classified ads to boost traffic to flea market.
Use classified ads to boost traffic to flea market.
Put items in ads and put pick up only
This multiple customers to your flea market booth.

Social Networks
Social network marketing will help you stand out.
Not many flea market marketers are using social networks to promote their flee market products.

Use coupons to boost traffic to flea market
You can
pass them out
send via email
or have on a website


Promote and send all customers to your website.

This will increase sales and now you have another avenue of making money from these same customers.

You introduce the customers to all of your other products as well as other dropship products and services you offer.

As you already know, the dropshippers do all the work for you.

Make Money From Dropshippers

These customers become repeat flea market customers as well as repeat website customers.
Customers whom you will make money from, even when flea market hours are closed.

Once these customers visit your website it is a whole different ball game.
Make sure you have multiple ways to make money from your customers.

Make Money From Your Website

Free Advertisement
These new happy customers will go out and do what we need the most.

Free Advertisement in the form of, Word of Mouth.

They will bring more Traffic coming back to you

But most importantly, They are building your credibility.

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