Two ways you can start a blog. FREE? OR HOSTED

FREE - Meaning you dont own and your Blog is Hosted by someone else.

Self-Hosted - Meaning you own your content and your Blog.

I am really against Free Blogs.

I feel if you do the work to set up and promote your Blog, you should reap the rewards, not the company hosting your Blog.
With Free Blogs you don’t actually own the content.
If for some reason the Company wants to shut down your blog, they can without even have to warn you.

You are also limited in most cases, regarding advertising, plug-in, and things you can do with your Blog.

With a Self Hosted Blog, you are in control of your Blog and it looks professional.
Same question I asked previously, would you take someone serious if they didn’t even own their own Blog.
Most likely Not.

When it comes to making money on the internet, image and branding is everything.

I mean Hosting is so cheap; it’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be able to be the owner of your content.
That’s one reason I like Blue Host , you can host your Blog for less than 7 dollars.

I recommend Blue Host because they are very reliable, the great customer service, and very cheap.
The live chat has been a great help to me on numerous occasions.

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