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Kontera Advertising Network

Kontera is another great advertising company to use along with Google Adsense or as an alternate.
Many believe it’s a great addition to Google Adsense.
On the Flip side of things, you can’t use Kontera with other in-text advertising companies.

Also your site must in English and have to be at least 50 words.
Content has to be original and not “borrowed from someone else”.

Kontera works really well with context filled websites.

I would not use as a main source to monetize but only for extra monthly income. There are some advertisers reporting huge 4 figure monthly incomes, but not many.

One of the great things about Kontera is you don’t need to have a lot of space, the ad only surfaces when the visitors clicks on the keyword.
The ads are embedded in the content.

Kontera works with many different types of websites and blogs.

How to make Money from Kontera

Have a content rich website, filled with popular keywords or trends.

Do a top keyword search and use any of those top words that relate to your article, or web page.

Pretty much the same type of keywords you would want to write for Google Adsense ads.

You have to keep in mind; it’s the keyword that has to attract the person to click on it.
You should have keywords that intrigue people or they will skip right over it.
Its simple the best keywords get clicked on the most.

For example Sports words get clicked on a lot.

If you want to find a lot of useful information and some good keywords to use, you can always go to the Konterablog.

The main goal of Kontera, like most other Ad companies is to provide the most relevant ad for whatever keyword being used.

Keywords will make or break the Kontera Ads on your website.

Getting Paid
You are paid when someone clicks on your Ad.
You will not be paid if you click on your own ad, and you will also be banned.

As a publisher, Kontera will pay you 70% of the revenue earned.

If you are getting over 25,000 visitors from US upon signing, you will get a bonus of $50.

Paid outs are paid out after $100 is reached.

You can always check the reporting system to know exactly how much money you made.

Overall it’s always good to have more than one way to make money from your site. As I stated earlier I would use Kontera as an extra way instead of the main source of income being generated from your site. Give it a try and if it doesn’t work uninstall it.

I’m sure this is going to work for someone, Good Luck

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