Make Money with Bidvertiser

Solo Build It!

Bidvertiser is another great alternative to Google Adsense or for extra Ad revenue.

The good thing about Bidvertiser is they let you specify your own dimensions and look and feel for your text ads.

They have a very simple point and click tool.

Bidvertiser calls it the free design.

One of the best qualities about Bidvertiser is it displays the top selling ads first and everything else under it.

That gives you a better chance that your ad will be clicked.
It’s a reason why it is the most popular Ad.

So bottom line, it gives you a better chance to make money off the click as well as if something is purchased.

Getting Paid

Advertisers bid against each other for your ad space.

You are paid for every time an ad is clicked by the visitor.
You also get more money if the visitors purchases whatever they clicked on.

Also another great thing
If you have pay pal, your minimum pay is only $10… Yes I said only $10

You are paid monthly.

You can choose the option of being paid by a check and that would be once a month.

As stated before, you can choose to be paid by an instant PayPal transfer as long as it is $10 or more.

At any time you can check and monitor your ad performance.

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