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Adbrite Ads are a very good alternative to Google adsense.

For many sites Adbrite is the best option.

For example if you have a casino or adult based website, you want to use Adbrite instead of Google Adsense, because Google adsense don’t except casino or adult sites.

One good thing about Adbrite is they are way more tolerant than Google Adsense.

Also the Adbrite customer care is a little more supportive than Google adsense.

But Adbrite will not accept sites that have taken all of their content from other sites. I guess because it is smaller and have fewer members, they are more available than huge Google.

You also have power as the publisher, you can reject ads as well.

With the Adbrite program the split it is 75/25, in your favor of course.

Another great thing about Adbrite is that you can choose the minimum, instead of it being chosen for you and under the minimum you think it should be.

With Google adsense you cannot touch the code but with Adbrite you can add any style you want.

If you want to use both don’t worry, you can place adsense codes and Adbrite codes together.

When placing ads on your website, it shouldn’t take longer than a day to start seeing the ads so that is a very good thing.

Another great thing about Adbrite is you can ad ads as a blogger too, you don’t have to worry about not being able to monetize your blog because it’s not a website.

Just like any other advertisement, Adbrite works best with sites that are receiving a good amount of traffic.

Payouts add up faster with niche sites.

Adbrite also works with forums.

Here are a few types of ads they offer, text ads, banners, full page ads, inline ads, in Video ads and BritePic ads.

How to get Paid

Payouts are paid every 60 days.

It is after the amount of $100 has been reached.
You can make money from their affiliate program as well

It’s a really good referral program.
You can earn 50% of the the Adbrite profits for the first three months of the referred customer.
You also get a 10% of the profit for the next 9 months.

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