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Yahoo is another major search engine that has a program similar to Google Adsense.

Yahoo is trying to generate more money, so this is the major reason for the ad program. They see how much revenue the ad program is generating for Google, so Yahoo sees this as a way to help them with some previous financial troubles.

I’m not very sure this will be a great alternative to not getting accepted by Google Adsense, more likely to be very much the same with very strict rules.

After you apply, it can take up to 10 days to have your website verified.

I think it’s a better alternative if you’ve been accepted by Google and for some reason, been banned.

They greatest thing about the company is that it may be an exact replica of Google Adsense so if you have a account that gets banned by Google you can go right over to Yahoo.
Most likely if you have met the initial requirements for Google, than you should be ok for Yahoo.

Many are saying Yahoo Publisher only take heavy traffic websites and is not a really good option for smaller and newer websites.
So if you don’t get accepted, don’t take it personal.

Nevertheless always good to have more than one way to make money or options if you’re Google Adsense Account was banned.

Getting Paid

If you choose to be paid by the Pay Pal option, you can have your payment on the same day as long as you have made $50 or more, which is excellent.

If you want to be paid by check, your total earning has to be at least $100, and it will be mailed within 10 business days.

You also can use the Direct Deposit Option, but you still need to have earned at least $100 dollars before you can request your money.

If you have Yahoo Marketing account, you can have the money directly transferred to your account.

Overall the Yahoo Publisher Network is a great alternative to Google Adsense Program. It is very much the same program.
If you have PayPal this is an even better program, you can get your money on the same day.
So those huge ad days you have you can collect your money as long as it’s over $50. That’s Great.

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