Make Money with Chitika

Chitika Ads are another great alternative to Google adsense.

They use ads called eMiniMalls.

What the eMiniMalls do is display different types of goods to the visitors visiting your page.

Very similar to Google adsense, when someone clicks on the Chitika Ad you earn from it.

To be honest some are saying that the Chitika Ads are performing better than Google Adsense.

Chitika is said to have over 2 billion monthly impressions monthly and is on at least 100,000 different websites.

Chitika is becoming such a force that Yahoo closed down its adsense account and changed to Chitika.
So this lets you know the power of Chitika and how fast it is growing.

Chitika’s new premium ads are living up to its name and many bloggers are reporting higher revenue than Google adsense. Wow!!

Chitika does not penalize you like Google adsense does for your pages with low click through ratings.

But the great thing about Chitika is that it doesn’t compete with your adsense ads.

You can have them both on the same page and earn from both of them…

Just make sure you are creative with your placement.
No one wants to go to a page that is jumbled up with ads.
Keep your information center and ads so they don’t get in the way of your content.

The ads target the keywords the visitor used to find your site.
Which means all of their ads will be based around whatever your visitors are searching for.

This increases the likely hood that the ad will be clicked on, so now all you have to do is bring the traffic and the ads will sell themselves.
It now becomes a simple numbers game.

Most ads come with a picture on the side, so that can be good for your visual visitors.

If your ad sends a person to a product they purchase you will also receive a commission for that. How awesome is that.

How to get paid

Another Great thing about Chitika Ads is that they pay by Pay Pal, which is a very good thing, you get your money asap.

You get paid monthly and you can view your earnings daily if you like.

Chitika pays you 60% of their earnings.

Chitika pays your pay pal after $10 has been earned and you can get a check after $50 has been earned.

You can also make money with Chitika affiliate program.

It’s a very great program.
You can earn 10% of all of your referrals for a whole 15 months.
That is huge so if you are not having the best of luck but your referrals are you can still earn good money each month.


I’m looking forward to your comments, thoughts, or success story.

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