Make Money with BurstMedia

Solo Build It!

There are two types of ways to get paid from BurstMedia, Burst Direct and Burst Network.

BurstMedia also gives you control over the ads on your site.
You are also given the option to choose from a lot of different types of formats.

BurstMedia’s main goal is to help publishers reach the direct marketers.

Even though BustMedia is a smaller and more unknown ad revenue site, doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize and make some good money from their program.

Getting Paid
BurstMedia pays up to 65% of the revenue generated.
They also pay the 1st of the month for campaigns.

One of the Good things about BurstMedia is the minimum check payment amount is only $50.

Even though it is very easy to get accepted by BustMedia, like every other Ad Companies, they still have rules and regulations.

Your website must be in English.

You must have at least 5,000 page views per month but they are well known to take less.

Also like most other Ad companies, they want your site to be content rich.

BurstMedia will not accept any pages that are hosted by free providers.

Each site must be reviewed and approved by the BustMedia Staff.

If you have a new website and are looking for more advertising ways to make money, BurstMedia might be the perfect option for you.

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