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Infolinks are a great way to monetize your website or blog

Infolinks are In-text advertising, keyword phrases that are used to provide advertisement links.

They are the double underlined links on a blog or website.
Infolinks do have an option so single underlining as well.

Because of this option other webmasters are saying they are doubling and tripling their income.

The average web surfer don’t know about double underling meaning the word is an ad but now that it is single underlined you get the click from the average surfer as well as the experienced web surfer.

If you want the ads double underlined or dotted, the choice is all yours.

You can also customize the color of the link if you want.

Infolinks are very simple and easy to use and make money from.

The great thing about Infolinks is they work well with small websites and smaller blogs.
So if you have not made the major jump with your website or blog, you can still make money with Infolinks.

It doesn’t matter; you still get the same revenue sharing as a site that gets 30 million views a day.
This gives the smaller websites and blogs a chance to compete with the larger blogs and websites.

You can use Infolinks along the side of your other ad services like adbrite and other ad companies.

You also can choose how many links you want per page.

Infolinks have a great feature called related tags.

It will select the best keywords and provide a tag cloud for the keyword.

When one of your visitors places the mouse over the keyword, a bubble cloud will appear, and a relevant ad will appear as well.

I like Infolinks because it saves you a ton of ad space.
The cloud only appears if your visitor has the mouse over the keyword.

Infolinks are a great addition to Google Adsense.

Infolinks generate more clicks than any other In-Text Advertising.

Infolinks can monetize any website.

Most webmasters are reporting of 30% more revenue with Infolinks.
One of the great things about Infolinks is that it doesn’t take weeks to get approved.
You are approved very quickly.
Basically all you have to do is add the code to your website or blog and you can be making money in a matter of hours.

Most webmaster report Infolinks as their favorite In-Text advertising program.

They say the results are simply amazing.

More on How Infolinks work

When you hold the mouse over the text, a link box will appear.
If the visitor then clicks on the link, you get paid for it.

One major factor is always making sure you visitors see the content and not the ads first.
Let your content lead.

Infolinks have one of the highest if not the highest payouts of advertising companies.
Infolinks give a 70% revenue share compared to most other companies who give 40 to 50%, which is a major deal.

Higher payouts mean you can make more money with less traffic and even more money with more traffic.

How you are paid

You are paid via pay pal and payouts are after $50.
It was previously $100, but have been decreased which is really good for the publishers.

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