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Make Money Selling Antiques

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Make More Money Selling Antiques

It’s a must that you know information about the item you are selling.

People want to know the story behind the product.
It’s a main factor at what drives them to buy the item.

Know that antiques are at least 50 or more years old.
A collectable is different than antique. Many people get the two confused.

Know what’s Popular (currently)
One of the most effective ways to sell antiques

Selling Antiques is almost the same as selling any other product.

Certain antiques only sell well at different times of the year and in certain niches.

But you also have antiques that sell well no matter what time of year.
Vintage Coke Products

Knowing what’s hot, the new trends, and what’s currently selling, will put you so ahead of other antique sellers.

Research, Research, Research


What’s usually Hot and Selling on EBay is Hot and selling anywhere.

Thrift Stores are great places to buy antiques.

Make Money selling with Thrift Stores

Garage sales are a good place to sell antiques

Make Money at Garage Sales

Flea Markets are a good place to sell antiques

Make Money selling at Flea Markets

Make a list of Products that are selling for
Big Profits
And Fast

Many times they will have the popular and fast selling products under priced.

If you are an antique store owner, sell online, or from website

-Keep up with antique trends
-Know what items are currently selling the highest
-Pass out coupons
-Put in classified ads
-Be creative

Let me know how this works for you.

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