The internet is still in it's infancy!

by Benny Brewer

Hi there,

Firstly thank you for an awesome website, the information on here is invaluable to so many including me.

It's completely right about the content, a few years ago people were saying content was everything and was what mattered, now people have forgotten about the content but it is absolutely the be all and end all of a good website.

And it is so easy to give up early on, i remember recently when I first started my online gothic store (futuregothic) it went 2 weeks without a sale - now this is only 2 weeks from when I published the website but I can see how easy it is too just give up -

- You think to yourself, I've worked so hard on it, spent two weeks promoting it and no one's buying anything, might as well ditch it and start something else...This is what normally happens and sometimes very good websites can sit in the doldrums of the Web, waiting to die as the domain expires.

KEEP AT IT - You won't have a successful business in two weeks, my competitors have been doing this for years and they are thriving - to get to that level it takes work and you have to commit to the long run, the first bit of money you make is met with elation but never give up.

If you have the content and the belief you can go on to make anything you want!!

The internet is still in it's infancy! - It's never too late to start!

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