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MakeMoney-WHJ’s GOAL

Is to provide Multiple ways to make money online as well as offline. Also to teach others how to brand themselves, add more friends, fans, and followers to their social networks.

Solo Build It!
So many people fail to maximize all the different ways to make money from their website, leaving money on the table.

Websites who have a diverse monetization model make the most money because they pull money from all directions.

For example you might only make $500 a month from Google adsense but make $1500 a month from affiliate marketing, another $1000 from hardgoods and your personal eBook leading the sales with $2000 a month.

By having a diverse model you can capitalize on more opportunities to make money instead of leaving money on the table by only using one of the methods.

Ways To Make Money From Your Website

Google adsense
Make Money with Google Adsense

Affiliate Marketing
Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Hard goods

Make Money Selling Ebooks

Selling your own products like books, guides, or handmade crafts
Create your own products

Of course the main thing you need is great content and above all traffic.

A Main Reason Websites Fail to Make Any Money
It takes time and people give up too soon, right when their efforts are about to pay off they quit.
Making money with your website requires time, brainstorming and a well thought out plan.

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