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Make More Money With Current eBay Account


eBay is the most visited ecommerce site on the World Wide Web. It is said eBay has more than 2 million visitors daily and receives over 1.8 billion page views per week.

Having a great listing can add to your item views.
In return, adds to more items sold.

Choosing your type of listing all depends on what your competitors are doing.

Yes I said research and see what they are doing. The top sellers of whatever items of course, no need to follow what other people are doing who are not selling as well.
It’s a reason their items aren’t selling.

But anyway examine what the top sellers are doing and mimic it. Add your personal touch and go little above what they are doing.

This will draw more attraction to your item. Having a great listing can attract many more buyers to your product.

Pictures are very important.
Always have a picture on your listing.

When it comes to buying online, people are visual.
They want to picture themselves in or with whatever item you are selling.

When putting up the picture, paint the visual of how someone would see themselves with that item.

Creative pictures sell more products.
For example if you are selling a popcorn machine, set the picture up light a movie theater or a movie night.

If you are selling watches, have on one of the watches in one of your pictures to paint the visual of how it would look on their arm.

Be creative, but still make sure it looks very professional.

Please don’t do what I see on eBay all the time, pictures with the item on the toilet, or a picture where you see carpet in the background.

Remember the more professional and creative the picture, the more you will sell on eBay.

Holiday Season
Holiday season is my favorite time on eBay.
Many people sell more in September, October, November, and December than they do for the rest of the whole year.
During these times, everyone is doing shopping on the web.

Special Events and Current Events
Special Events are another way to make quick money on eBay.
Keeping up with what’s going on in the world, and what types of products are currently needed, will be a good way to keep money flowing.
Also it will keep constant buyers to your eBay pages and eBay stores.

Following Trends
Following trends can be very lucrative on eBay.
Being one of the first to implement a trend or trendy style of clothes or whatever it may be could bring you many thousands of dollars.

When eBay pages or eBay stores get known for keeping in the newest style or what’s hot, they become gold mines.
Creating thousands of dollars each month no matter what they sale because of the reputation they created.

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback
Feedback can make or break your eBay business.
You have to do everything you can to outdo your competitors.

Having a great feedback score is key.

Just think about it ,
would you buy from the person that has great comments and a feedback score of 99% or from someone with ok comments and a 96% feedback score.

It’s really that simple.

Fast service, excellent products, and great communication will put you ahead of the competition.

Having great communication will go along way with your buyers. It can be the difference of a good feedback score with a great comment or a negative comment and horrible feedback rating.

Having good communication can turn a horrible situation in to a good one with your buyer.

Like if an item has not made it to them in time, you can inform the buyer its running behind and see what you could do to make them happy.

Maybe take a little off the shipping price or offer a discount on the next purchase.
Anything you decide to keep the buyer happy is key.
Communicating with your buyers will help keep positive feedback.

Being Knowledgeable About Dropshipping

Dropshipping can save you a lot of time and money.
Make money with dropshiping

Being Knowledgeable About Wholesale Items

With great wholesalers you can increase your profit margins drastically.
Make Money with wholesale items

Always know exactly what your competitors are doing and go a step beyond.

In no specific order, all components are helpful when making more money from your current eBay account.

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