Law of Attraction and netwoeking

by Alok Pal
(Kolkata, India)

Alok Pal's photo

Alok Pal's photo

I'm Alok Pal with positive attitude and attitude of gratitude.
For my background, I'm giving some website links below for better space usage here.
Law of Attraction worked in my life many times with and also without knowing the LAW of ATTRACTION.
My 40 years of International Experience has been sponsored by Universe through strangers ,as network friend and supporter. These were pre-Internet days before year 2000

I had mastermind group, from which I have got support and I have helped or supported to many people.
I've my LAW OF ATTRACTION Advance certificate from Global Science Foundation, USA and KAIZEN from Japan Management Association.
I've 6K+ 1st degree connection at LinkedIn alone.
I have some questions to you?
Alok Pal
Catalyst for Success

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