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Make Money on Youtube

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Is to provide Multiple ways to make money online as well as offline. Also to teach others how to brand themselves, add more friends, fans, and followers to their social networks.

Ken Current many people are making money many ways on YouTube

Believe it or not but many people are making over a $100,000 a year using YouTube

YouTube is the third most visited site in the world. Over 48 hours of video is downloaded every minute.

Ways people use YouTube to make money

Some YouTubers have scheduled weekly shows
From these shows they have built huge followings.
They then market to their viewers, subscribers, and followers.

A comedian on YouTube gets over 5 million views per episode. He have 2 episodes a week. That’s over 10 million views a week.
He not only makes money from ads on each episode, but he also sells funny songs as singles on ITunes. Ray also sells T-Shirts with catchy phrases he uses. SMART GUY

The episodes or shows from one of his channels bring in about 10 million views a week. That is 10 million times this ads will be viewed. Serious Ad Sells

He also has over a million subscribers. That’s MAJOR
Ray sells catchy and funny T-shirts and other products to his viewers, followers, and subscribers.

Most of the products are priced more than $10 dollars. So that’s over 10 million times people will be advertised to get some RWJ products at $10.0 or more. Not to mention over a million of these people are followers. Followers-Supporters tend to buy more than one product of their favorites.
His T-shirts are sold in malls, in stores like Hot Topic.
He also advertising his ITunes songs to this same 10 million views and get this, Ray has another channel just for the funny catchy songs he create, which are averaging over 5 million views each, some with over 10 million views.

Not to mention traffic back to his website
I don’t know the exact amount of how much he makes a year but I know it’s a lot. I would guess over a million a year (easy)
This is not the only example. There are countless examples of YouTube-preneurs in every category not just comedy.

Artist like Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, and many other artists were discovered from YouTube.
Many high school athletes in all sports made their names by videos posted on YouTube.
Fighters like Kiembo Slice were discovered because of the videos posted on YouTube.

Many of Today’s Artists owe the success of their current songs to YouTube. People go to YouTube to hear many of the artist new songs.
With that being said

Many YouTube-preneurs are making a lot of money selling ITunes of these same new and popular songs created by major artist.

Other Ways people make money with YouTube

Traffic back to main website from which multiple ways to make money are available.
Make Money with your websites

Many YouTubers with support groups or strong following make money selling T-Shirts. It’s a great way to make monthly income.
Also if you have creative designs or catchy phrases, YouTube is a great place to make money selling T-Shirts. It’s a ton of free traffic coming in every day.

If you have a show or music video, you can make money selling shirts pertaining to each video or show you create.
Follow what’s popular on YouTube and design T-Shirts around the Buzz
Make money designing T-Shirts

Make money selling Other Hardgoods
Sell whatever type of hardgoods you want.
It should be something pertaining to the content of your YouTube video.
Many webmasters use YouTube to promote many different affiliate opportunities to its viewers.
They use YouTube as the one of the main traffic streams to make money from those affiliate programs.

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

YouTube has a partner program
YouTube-preneurs are making good money participating in the partnership program. The get paid as people watch or click the ads per video. (Which can add up when the views start coming in, remember the example of the 5 million views per video)

The thing I love best about the YouTube Partner Program is you still get paid when others embed your video and the ad click impressions still count for you. So you make money when others post your video on their walls, websites, wherever. If you have a great video, you can make a lot of money simply from views posting it for you, no extra effort needed. Free Labor I like to call it


Artist, Groups, and Bands are using YouTube to make money selling their CDs. If you have a permit to sell certain CD’s or you are trying to sell your personal created CD, YouTube is a great place to make some money doing it.

EBay Items

EBay items can be promoted and displayed on YouTube.
If it’s a popular niche, many sellers know they can get the traffic they need from YouTube to their eBay stores resulting in more money.
Make Money on EBay

YouTube is a great place to promote your Books or EBooks. So many different types of people come to YouTube looking for different things.
Make Money Selling EBooks
Make Money Selling Books

Promoting Brands
If you are starting a new company or product line, YouTube is a must have social network needed to promote your brand.
YouTube is one of the first places new brands, product lines, and companies release their products.

Great Products, Videos, and Content have the tendency to go viral.
Once your information goes viral you can see instant rewards.
In some cases making you thousands, if not millions depending what you are selling or promoting
The key is establishing great credibility and producing good content.
I encourage all to look into using YouTube as a way to make money.

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