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Make Money Tutoring

MakeMoney-WHJ’s GOAL

Is to provide Multiple ways to make money online as well as offline. Also to teach others how to brand themselves, add more friends, fans, and followers to their social networks.

You can break Tutoring down to age groups and classifications

Elementary Students

-Jobs are a little more challenging to get.
People don t trust a lot of people when it comes to children.

May be a good idea to start with friends and family
A Pro to family is, Trust factor is already established.
A Con to family is, sometimes friends and family expect discounts.

-Subjects are usually very simple and easier.

-Reading and Math are the 2 Subjects in highest demand for Tutors.

- A word to the wise
Be careful when trying to tutor multiple clients of this age.
Many of the students at this age need the one on one attention instead of the group tutoring.

Middle School or Junior High

- Jobs are easier to get

- Start with friends and family
- Subjects become more challenging

High school

- Jobs are easier to find
- Can offer college prep tutoring
- College entrance exam tutoring
- Now the subjects are challenging
Must be an expert in Subjects you are tutoring


- Subjects are challenging

- Make yourself known in your department
You can be a teacher's assistant
Hold postions in department groups.
Example President of Biology Club

- Can apply to be college or University Tutors

- Athletic Department-Great place, many athletes need tutoring.
(uhhhhhhh yeah, It’s because they spend so much time traveling with the team.)

How to find Jobs

- Word of mouth

One of the best advertising ways ever
The word gets around fast and it automatic builds credibility.
The two things you want most, Traffic and Credibility

- Do a Google search for Tutoring Jobs

- Craigslist

- Post Flyers

- Hand out Flyers

- Post Bulletins

- Passing out Business Cards

- Local Newspapers

- Social networks

More Tutoring Tips

- Make sure your clients bring study supplies with them to sessions.

- Always have something to give your clients.
A study guide or anything related to the topic will work.
It gives the impression that they are receiving more than what they pay for, which they are.

- Look for creative names to call tutoring
Use other names instead of calling it tutoring
Good names to use, Help, Mentoring, Assist, Coach

- Set prices lower than any competing tutors
Just charge a little less, you don’t want to make yourself seem less valuable.


Offer a program during summer geared toward the student’s upcoming year
If the student is going to third grade, Have a program that teach the third grade subjects.

If they learn all of the information during the summer it will ENSURE better grades as well as more retention of information.

That’s your Pitch
It works for every subject.
Who wouldn’t want their child to have a higher GPA.

Also Spanish is now becoming a huge part of the United States.
You can make a lot of money tutoring Spanish if you are fluent in both languages.

Someone is going to make a Trillion with these ideas.

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