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Make Money Flipping Websites

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Flipping websites can bring great rewards

It’s not the easiest procedure but the rewards can be huge.

Flipping websites is one of the newest ways many income seekers are making money.

Profit margins have the ability to be enormous.

There are a few websites like flippa or even eBay that you can sell or flip your websites.

There are many different ways you can flip websites.

I Call This the Quick Flip

You set up a niche site that has the potential to render large amounts of money per month and flip it.

Having all or most of the content it needs, without adding advertisement.

This means your website is not generating money so you most likely have to sell it for less.

The great thing about this is you don’t have to wait for your website to start making money before you have the opportunity to sell it.

Sites like these are selling for $400, $500, and more.
Not bad if you are knowledgeable about the niche you choose and you are creating and selling a couple of these sites a week. That would be an extra $1,000 a week, $4000 a month.

Another way you can flip your website is to do almost the same as the first idea but incorporate advertisement along with content.

Have all the affiliate links in place as well as other methods of monetization.

The better the picture you paint of possible income potential, the higher you can sell the website.

Some are selling these types of websites for $1500, $2,000 and more.

It depends on the type of content, niche, and income potential dream you sell to the possible buyers.

A couple of those sites sold a week would be $4000 dollars a week, $16,000 a month, close to $200,000 a year.

High Dollar Flips

Webmasters who make high dollar flips create a great website, with a great niche, and a demand for the content.

These sites have a great amount of traffic coming daily, income accumulating monthly, and are found in search indexes like Google and yahoo.

High dollar websites are well thought out and strategically put together.

A lot of time has been put into these websites and as a result large profits are made.

Some of these types of high dollar flips are selling for over $50,000 a website.

Imagine selling 2 or 3 of those high dollar flip websites and your weekly or monthly quick flips.

It is easy to see how pro flippers are making so much money.
Don’t be Fooled

The money is out there.
I read the website Flippa (One of the best websites to Flip websites) sees an average just under 2 million dollars a week in gross sales.

That means there is still a lot of opportunity and a lot of money out there for the grabbing.

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