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Make Money with EBay Classified Ads

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It’s always a good idea to sell items in as many places as you can.

EBay classifieds are one of those places to sell.

You should have multiples of the same products.
You should have good wholesale sources
Wholesale products

You should have good dropship sources.
Dropship sources

Anything with EBay backing it, has the potential to be HUGE.

EBay classifieds are a great way to list larger items that you need to be picked up by customer.

You can narrow the search down to the city of the products.

Classified Ads
A good way to let people know location of your store, garage sales, Flea Market Booth
By listing pick up only and listing location.
Now people know where you are and what type of goods you sell. Now when customers arrive you can sell them on other goods as well.

Offer Specials for repeat customers.
The customers must bring receipt from a previous purchase.

If you own a store, have frequent garages sales, or rent a booth in a Flea market

This can bring you exposure
Bring you repeat customers
Bring you the best type of advertisement there is

Word of Mouth

Let me know how this works out for you

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