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Make Money on Craigslist

MakeMoney-WHJ’s GOAL

Is to provide Multiple ways to make money online as well as offline. Also to teach others how to brand themselves, add more friends, fans, and followers to their social networks.

Craigslist have become what I like to call a platinum website.

There are so many different ways to make money from Craigslist.

Ways to make money

What to sell

Almost anything you can get for cheap and sell for cheap

Many Dropship products will sell well on Craigslist.
Of course Wholesale items you can get for cheap and sell for cheap will sell well also.

Promote the same products that are HOT on EBay or very trendy and sell those same items on Craigslist.
Watch how fast those items will fly off your shelves or from the shelves of your dropshipers.

It’s not as much competition as EBay as far as selling items and if you find a city that has a lot of competition, simply go to another city.

Small cities are a gold mine for niche, trendy, and top EBay selling Products.

Many of the products you sell on eBay you have to mark down so low in order to stay in the same range with competition. You don’t have to do that on Craigslist. You can sell for more and pay fewer fees, than you would on eBay.

It’s also a great place to sell your eBooks.

The major con about Craigslist is that it is starting to get very SPAMY, over all, still a great place to make money online.

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