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Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate

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Is to provide Multiple ways to make money online as well as offline. Also to teach others how to brand themselves, add more friends, fans, and followers to their social networks.

Get paid to advertise Amazon products.

Amazon will provide you with links to their website.

All you have to do is advertise the products on your website or blog.

They will also give you tools to market the products.

Here are some tips that can help you earn more money with the Amazon Associates program.


You need and want your visitors to trust you.
If they feel at any moment that you are trying to get over and make a quick buck from them, they will leave your website and will not click on a thing from your site. If the trust is there, when you make recommendations or suggestions many of your visitors and website followers will get whatever you suggest.
So NEVER suggest anything you don’t truly believe will help.
If you have established credibility you will sell almost every single time.

Traffic is very important.

It’s all a numbers game.
The more people who see it, the more will get it.
The lower amount of views, the lower the amount of sells

Whatever products you are promoting, make sure it pertains to your topic.

The same thing goes for any product you think could be a good fit for content on your page.
The more the products relate to your topic, the more it will attract your visitors.
Great content puts people in a buying mood.

Create a since of urgency of how whatever products you promote could help the viewer.

Contextual links are good.

Most people need to see an ad at least 5 times before they decide to click on it so having a picture and contextual ads doubles your conversion rate.
Contextual is key, think about it.
It’s a reason the majority of the ads people uses from Google are contextual ads.

Make a list of the best selling products and tell people about them.

People love to buy what everyone else is buying.
They feel as if they don’t, they will missing out on what everyone else has or if a book what everyone else knows.

Also good to use with Reviews

If you read a book, and you really enjoyed it
Write a review, and have a link to where views can purchase the book from Amazon.

Give real recommendation to products.

This works best with content pages.
Recommend products that goes along with your content and you know will help.

Get people to Amazon’s website.

Amazon will do the rest.
It’s a reason why they are one of the top websites and trust that they will deliver.
Even if they go to Amazon from a link you had for a different product and purchase something else, you still get credit for the sell and earn a commission.
Amazon has built great credibility and people are comfortable purchasing from

Even though it’s not a primary choice for money makers doesn’t mean to over look it.
It’s never a bad idea to have multiple options of income.

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