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How to Share Website Without it Coming OFF as SPAM!!!!!

How To Export Your LinkedIn Connections!!!????

Update your profile and LinkedIn account frequently.

Add your website into your answer, when you answer LinkedIn questions pertaining to your website.

Be very active in LinkedIn groups.

Be the expert In the group. LinkedIn Connections will come to you for help and advice; you won’t have to worry about coming off SPAMY.

Give Advice

You should focus on giving useful information solely with the purpose to help not expecting anything in return. When you provide people with useful information that actually helps them, they don’t mind receiving emails and updates from you because they know it’s going to be great useful content. Your LinkedIn connections will actually look forward to and anticipate the next batch of content from you.

Your goal is to build relationships on LinkedIn, not push sales.
The money will come, the more you help you provide, the more money you will make.

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I used Site Build It to create

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