How to Start A Website

Are you excited about building your website?


The first option is Solo Build It.

SBI is very good for beginners, which is why I chose to start with it.

I am a huge believer and supporter of Solo Build It , that’s why you will see me constantly promoting the company throughout the website. They truly teach you how to build a website that can bring you multiple streams of income. was built and is currently powered by Solo Build It.

Solo Build It is what you call an all in One Site Builder.

Not only are you provided with Hosting and a Domain name but you are also supplied with Form Creators, Auto responders, Mail list managers, keyword research, Help Forums, Facebook applications, search engine reports, traffic reports and many more , the list just goes on and on.

In addition to everything else, you are given a step by step Action Guide to get you started on creating your website.

The Beauty about this Guide is it's made to fit your needs.
If you are not a big reader and you learn better by seeing and following along as some else is going about the process, this action Guide is perfect for you.

It has video as well as written pages to help you step by step.

Along with all the other great tools provided by Solo Build It , the main thing I love about the company is the help you receive. Not many websites can you find the help and advice you get at Site Sell.

It is this help that showed me how to build a profitable Website and started me on my path to achieving a six figure internet income.

Click Here to get Started with Solo Build It.
Nothing Extra will be needed; they will provide you with all the necessary tools after you have signed up.

The second option is Blue Host, which can be set up in 3 easy steps.

1.) You will first need to choose a domain name.

The name of your site is what your Domain name will be. My Domain name is .

Blue Host will actually walk you through this process.

2.) Set up a Web Host.
A Web Host is where your website is housed. Your host is what set you apart from "FREE" useless websites.
Blue Host will provide you with both Hosting and a Domain Name

3.) Start your website.
You have complete control over how you want to customize your website. You can choose whatever templates you like best.

Also you can choose to go with software to code html for you like Artisteer , if you do not wish to learn Html or you do not want to spend time coding. You can create and customize your site the way you like.

There are many different html guides to help you build your website. In the case you don’t want to learn the html and need extra help putting scripts, designs, or anything on your website, you can get help from Hire me on oDesk , Hire me at , or hire someone from Elance to complete the jobs for you.

Many of times you can get these website jobs finished for you very cheap and save you tons of time.

Although there are many other companies you can go to, I only suggest the ones I know to be good and safe to use.

While Solo Build It is an excellent choice for creating websites, it is not (in my opinion) a good Idea for a creating a blog.

If you are looking to start a blog, Blue Host would definitely be the best Option for Creating a Blog.

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