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Make Money with Facebook


Facebook have more than 750 million active members. Not only are there 750 million active members but at least half of them login in to Facebook every day.

Facebook is the largest social network.

If anything goes viral on Facebook, it could result in instant millions. So think what kind of money you could make with just a little internet buzz.

It's very possible because now days

Research says that each average user has over a hundred friends and people spend over 700 billion minutes a month on Facebook.

Yeah I know that's a lot. Also over 250 million people are connecting with Facebook from outside websites. Facebook statics states more than 10,000 new websites integrate with Facebook a day.

Facebook profiles have become a must have in today's society. Even my parents have Facebook profiles. My buddy’s grandmother sent me a friend request. I couldn’t help think, man this social network is MAJOR!!!

So now the big question
How do I make money with Facebook?

Ways to make money from Facebook

- Sell products from Business page

- Put EBay items on page

What you need to make money from Facebook

- Traffic

- Products to promote
Items From Dropshipers
Items From Wholesalers

Learn how to market on Facebook
It's different than marketing on other places

Facebook can bring your main websites success if you market them right.
The most important thing facebook can bring you main website, other than sales is
Traffic, Traffic, Traffic.

I personally use Facebook to promote my webpage and to keep all fans and friends up to date with new ideas and inside tips.

If you don’t listen to anything else I Tell you about Facebook, please abide to this.

It will kill your credibility

No Credibility, No Money
People will unlike/unfan you
No one will listen or believe anything you promote.
No Sales will be made.

Don't try to make a sale or over deliver. Only update useful information.

Good credibility = Many Friends and Fans
Check out my Likes- It’s not because I am the coolest guy in the world :)
but because I give great sound advice and take pride in my credibility.

Look forward to connecting with you on Facebook.

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